Hot Tire Pickup

How does your coating do against hot tire pickup?  This is a great question.  And it is one question we are asked at almost every in home estimate or home/trade show.  Most homeowners know
the term of Hot Tire Pickup, but rarely few know what it means or why it happens.  Let us explain; Hot Tire Pickup is a term that is the effect of peeling or delaminating of the coating where the tires of the car are parked in the garage.  This effect is primarily related to DIY jobs done by homeowners or painting contractors that try and duplicate a coating similar to ours.  Many customers believe that the coating fails or delaminates due to the fact that the tires are hot when the car is parked and that the hot tires actually melt the coating.  Part of this explanation is correct in that your car/truck tires are hot after driving.  But the hot tires do not melt the coating on the floor.

The effect of Hot Tire Pickup happens not because the tires are hot, but during the time the tires cool down.  When you drive your car/truck, the tires heat up and expand like a balloon.  After you
park your car/truck, the tires cool down.  When they cool down, they actually shrink and pull the coating off the floor.  In situations where this has happened, you can actually see the tire tread in the coating on the floor. This effect actually starts in the actual area where the tires are sitting on the floor overnight.  Over time, the coating starts to peel in the area where the tires constantly roll over the floor.  This is extremely common in jobs done by homeowners.  Most homeowners using DIY kits do not prepare the concrete in the correct manner.  Many homeowners will power wash the concrete and falsely convince themselves the floor is clean.  Power washing actually pushes the dirt and oil deeper into the concrete, preventing a good bond between the coating and the concrete.

Lastly, the other reason DIY kits fail for homeowners is that they only apply a low end residential 2 part component epoxy to the floor with out any top coat or sealer.  The top coat or sealer prevents the car tires from sitting directly on the epoxy.  The reason our coatings last for so long is because of our Poly Hybrid clear coat.  It provides superior performance and durability against scratching and
is extremely chemical resistant.